Conventional Small Trap

Missy’s family prepares a conventional live trap in the hopes of catching Missy. But over the next few days, they will repeatedly find the trap sprung, the bait taken, and Missy nowhere in sight.

Escape Artist

Missy figured out that she could trip the door, hold it up on her back haunches, steal the bait, and back out of the trap completely.

Sprung Trap

Here’s the small trap after Missy has stolen the bait. The gate is closed, and it is useless until set again.

Outside the Trap

Outside the Trap

Greg James, a RAGOM volunteer and founding member of the Retrievers, designed a large live trap (seen in background), which was built and transported from the Twin Cities to the Northwoods within a day. Here, Missy is investigating some of the items left in the trap area to attract her.