The Missy Trap: Learn how to make your own large enclosure trap for capturing skittish dogs.


Raytripper ResourcesFull parts list, wiring diagram and link to a video tutorial showing you how to build your own Raytripper electronic live trap triggering system.


Action Plan: What you should do in the immediate minutes and hours after your dog goes missing.  (PDF) Download    

Transition Tips: Newly rehomed dogs are highly vulnerable to bolting and becoming lost or biting out of fear. See this critical info for foster homes and new adopters, and keep your dog safe during this risky period. (PDF) Download


Video: Making Intersection Signs. Step-by-step instructions on how to make big, bold signs to post at intersections.

Video: Using Google Maps. A tutorial to help you make your search more efficient, effective and thorough.


Phone Number Template: 8 1/2″  x 11″ page with large text. Simply replace our phone number with yours, slide it into a plastic sheet protector and place on your intersection sign. (Word 97-2003 document)  Download

Flyer Template: 8 1/2″  x 11″ flyer for handing out and posting on bulletin boards. Just replace the text and photo with information on your lost dog. (Word 97-2003 document)  Download

List of Impound Facilities in Minnesota. Animal control facilities, shelters, non-emergency numbers for police/sheriff offices and other agencies charged with impounding lost animals. Provided as a courtesy by the Northwoods Humane Society.

Social Media: With thousands of followers who are eager to help reunite lost dogs and their owners, Facebook’s lost dog pages can be a very effective resource, not only to help spread the word about your dog, but also for recruiting help with posting flyers in the area. Be sure to give them that chance by reporting your lost dog and posting a personal plea in the comments.

Pet FBI — This national database has a cooperative agreement with most state-based Facebook pages. By creating an ad on their website, your listing will appear on a national map and will be automatically posted in the respective Facebook page for your state. Also, the site will generate a downloadable flyer for you, based on the information you provide. 

Web: Post a notice of your lost dog on these sites:

Craigslist — Post in the Community > Lost and Found section in your local area (and potentially adjacent cities/states)

Animal Humane Society Lost and Found Pets

NextDoor – Connect with your immediate neighbors.

Automated Calling (Robocalls): These services will call homes within a radius of where your dog was lost. Be sure to read their FAQ pages for information on landlines and cell phones. Robocalls are most cost-effective in sparsely populated areas.