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We are currently experiencing a high case load and are unable to accept any new cases. Until we can resume our normal services, please complete the items in our Action Plan. These steps are fundamental to every search and will give you a head start once we are able to take on your case. Please check back here frequently. We will be accepting new cases as soon as we can.


Engaging with the Retrievers — A Guide for New Clients.

Equipment Deposit — Your case manager will let you know if this is needed.

Retrievers Release of Liability — You will be asked to agree to a release of liability when you submit your Request for Assistance. This form is for your reference.

Stray Dog Trapping Policy — Please read before requesting the Retrievers’ assistance in capturing a stray.

Rescue Partner Agreement — The Retrievers is not a fostering organization, and so we do not take possession of stray dogs that we trap. We must have commitment from a rescue before accepting a stray trapping case. This agreement outlines how we will work together.