Our team motto originated from a child’s prayer.

Retrievers Co-Founder Greg James added the phrase to the bedtime prayers of his then three-year-old son, Garrett, who is keenly interested in our lost dog cases. Every night, Garrett prays for the dogs we are trying to help. Sometimes the prayers include the names of specific dogs who are still missing.

“Garrett always asks if he can go with me to ‘catch the puppies,'” says Greg, “and someday he will make a great addition to the team. He has great passion for animals and even started the case that eventually captured a stray mother cat and her three young kittens near his preschool. He calls the cat ‘Spaceship,’ but what can you expect from a five-year-old?”

Expressed by a child’s simple prayer is our profound hope for every lost dog’s safety and eventual return. We wear this patch on our jackets and carry this spirit into every case we work on.

Come back home, Mozart and Rockie and Harley and Sasha and Zoe and Banana and Milo. Stay warm, puppies, until you can find your way home.