Travel Safety Tips

Summer is in full swing, and many people are taking their canine family members along on vacation. From and PetHub comes this helpful infographic with tips on how to safely travel with Fifi and Fido. Please pass it around!



Check Your Chip

MicrochipIt’s spring, and for many owners, that means it’s time for your dog’s annual checkup.

While you’re there, be sure to have your vet verify that your dog’s microchip is still present and operating. Failures are rare, but sometimes microchips let us down. They stop working, or they migrate from the original implantation site, making it difficult to find when scanning.

A yearly checkup of your dog’s microchip will help ensure that he’s prepared in case you two get separated.

For everything you always wanted to know about microchips, see this article from the American Veterinary Medical association:  Microchipping of Animals.