Thanks to a surge in rescue organizations over the past decade, more shy and fearful dogs are being rehabilitated instead of euthanized as unadoptable.

But we’re also seeing a corresponding increase in the number of dogs going missing. Barely a day passes when we don’t see a new listing on our Facebook feed for a missing foster dog, newly adopted dog, or dog that bolted during transport.

A skittish dog—or any dog under stress—is a flight risk. Because rescues routinely transition dogs from one living situation to another, the odds of losing a dog are high.

The founders of the Retrievers are also volunteers for Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota (RAGOM), one of the largest Golden Retriever rescues in the U.S. We have fostered and transported dogs ourselves, As a result of our experience with lost dog cases—some of which ended tragically—we have helped improve training and processes for RAGOM’s foster and transport volunteers.

We would be happy to share what we’ve learned with your rescue group. Contact us for an in-person presentation (Twin Cities area) or WebEx remote presentation.