Lynn — Event Manager

I have always been a rescuer of the furry and feathered. My mother never knew if i was bringing home birds, horses, dogs or cats. My love for animals brought me to adoption, rescue and ultimately, the Retrievers.

My wife and I had become involved with Northwoods Humane Society through adopting multiple dogs and cats, volunteering and becoming a board member.  We have three dogs and three cats, all either adopted or rescued. Never a dull moment in our house!

When a foster dog went missing, we started a ground search and posted to Facebook where someone said, “Have you contacted the Retrievers?” The foster mom filled out the form and our journey of how to search for a lost pet started. I met Natalie when a newly adopted dog went missing, and from there I knew I needed to be more involved with the Retrievers. I have learned so much about the right way to find a lost pet and have been able to help many other people on the same journey.