The Missy Trap is named for the former puppy mill dog who was captured in it after she had refused to enter a conventional small trap. The trap was designed and constructed by Retrievers founder/director, Greg James, in 2013.

Constructed of horse fence panels, which can be purchased at farm supply stores, the trap can be triggered with a variety of methods, including hanging bait, pressure plate and electromagnet release.

Because it is modular by design, the Missy Trap can be broken down flat for transport and reassembled in the field using quick clips. If the trap is needed for a giant breed dog, we have a gate panel specially designed with a taller door to accommodate Great Danes, mastiffs, St. Bernards, etc.

The Missy Trap design is freely shared in the hopes of being widely used to help more lost dogs get home. Here is a detailed tutorial on how to build your own Missy Trap to catch skittish dogs.