• Thank you for partnering with the Retrievers to help bring a stray dog to safety. To make sure expectations are clear, please complete this form. A copy will be sent to you for your records. You must be in a leadership position with the rescue in order to enter into a Rescue Partner Agreement with the Retrievers.
  • Rescue's Responsibilities

    (All responses required.)
  • Being Present for Trapping
    The Retrievers do not take possession of captured stray dogs. I agree to:

    • Be on call or present when the trap is armed, which may take place at any time of the day or night
    • Pre-arrange with a foster home, no-kill shelter or other safe facility to take the dog upon capture for its stray hold
    • Take possession of the dog upon capture and facilitate its transport to the pre-arranged stray hold location
    • I understand that if I cannot take possession of the dog immediately upon capture, the dog will be released to animal control
    • If it is impossible to place the dog in a foster home or a no-kill shelter, and it must go to animal control or a shelter where it may be at risk of euthanasia, I agree that the rescue will tag the dog and take possession of it after the stray hold has been completed
  • Searching for the Owner
    If the Retrievers or Good Samaritans have not already done so, the rescue will make a concerted effort to locate the owner of the stray dog. This includes:

    • Distributing "Is This Your Dog?" signs and flyers
    • Posting on the appropriate Helping Lost Pet page
    • Sharing the dog's post on social media
  • Notifying Authorities
    If the dog goes to a foster home, it is the rescue's responsibility to notify the proper authorities (police, sheriff, animal control, etc.) that you are caring for a found dog during the duration of the stray hold as required by law.

  • Return to Owner
    If the dog's owner should be positively identified after the stray hold has been completed but before the dog has been adopted, I agree to return the dog to its family. (The rescue may negotiate with the owner for reimbursement of costs as a condition.)