The Missy Trap is named for the former puppy mill dog who was captured in it after she had refused to enter a conventional small trap. Constructed of horse fence panels, which can be purchased at farm supply stores, the trap can be triggered with a variety of methods, including hanging bait, a Raytripper electronic trap triggering system, and manual electromagnet release. Because it is modular by design, the Missy Trap can be broken down flat for transport and reassembled in the field.

The Missy Trap design is freely shared in the hopes of being widely used to help more lost dogs get home.




1st Generation — June 2013: Invented by Greg James. Used livestock panels with 4″ square mesh and a hanging bait system to trigger a top-swing gate.  1st Gen Missy Video Tutorial

2nd Generation — March 2014: Replaced hanging bait with Raytripper sensor/magnet system, designed by Greg James.

3rd Generation — January 2018: Livestock panels have a smaller (2″x4″) mesh. Top-swing door replaced by side-swinging gate. Raytripper encased in plastic box and mounted on the outside of the trap. Modifications by Devon Thomas Treadwell.

4th Generation — January 2020: Premanufactured panels from a commercial kennel form the basis of the trap. Optional saddle clamps provide full flexibility for shaping the trap in nonstandard configurations. 


Link to spreadsheet with parts, quantities and links: Missy Trap 4th Generation Parts List

Approximate total cost: $550


  • Chop saw
  • Drill
  • Socket Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Clamps