Lost: July 17, 2014

Retrieved: July 19, 2014

Outcome: Returned to clinic

Case Managers: Devon Thomas Treadwell and Jessica Peterson



At 9:30 on a Friday night, a vet clinic in northeast Minneapolis contacted the Retrievers via our Facebook page, saying they needed help catching a dog. Jasper, a shepherd mix, was being boarded at the clinic while his family was in South Carolina. Jasper had managed to escape his leash and scale a 6-foot fence while on a potty break. The staff ran after him as he bolted into the adjoining yards, watching him clear four- and five-foot fences with ease.

I met teammate Jessica Peterson and Gina, a staffer at the clinic, at the site and we set up a Missy trap and cellular trailcam in the area of the sightings. The trap location was close enough to a residential street that we were able to plug a long extension cord into a neighbor’s outdoor socket to run the electromagnet/sensor mechanism. Knowing Jasper was a jumper, we secured the top of the trap with netting.

We wrapped up around midnight. When I got home, I configured my phone to play an alert on incoming emails, and went to bed.

We got the first alert around 5 a.m., but it was just a raccoon, attracted by the bait. (The sensor was placed high enough that the coon didn’t trip the gate.) Then at 6:59, we got our first look at Jasper, sniffing around the outside of the trap. Jessica immediately called the clinic staff, who lived a mile away.

At 7:06, the camera sent us a photo showing Jasper inside the trap. In the next few photos, we saw Jasper trying to dig under the trap. The ground was soft from recent rains, and for a few scary minutes, we were afraid he would find a way out of the trap.

Safe at the Clinic

Then at 7:13, the camera sent a shot of Gina on site. Within a few minutes Jasper was safely inside the car and at the vet clinic.

At 9 hours, 54 minutes from initial call to safe recovery, this was the team’s quickest trapping yet. Jasper knew exactly what to do!

I’m very happy for Jasper and especially his family, who were able enjoy their vacation again. The clinic staff made sure that Jumpin’ Jasper remained earthbound for the rest of his stay.