Arlo Access Request

  • The name of the dog you're working on.
  • The name of your Arlo Go.
  • The name of the person you want to grant access to.
  • Please describe how this person is related to the case, i.e., the dog's owner, a volunteer on the ground, property owner, etc.
  • Their email address.
    Arlo Go cameras can be shared with three levels of permissions. We strongly recommend that clients be given Email Only access, and that Level I permissions be granted only to team members.

    Email Only Access Rights:
    Video clips will be sent to the client by email. This will let them see what has happened at the camera without giving them access to a live view. (Live viewing drains the camera's battery and data plan and could result in an event not being recorded.)

    Level 2 Access Rights:
    * Play and view library content
    * View live footage
    * Zoom and drag video footage
    * Control brightness
    * Enter full-screen view

    Level 1 Access Rights:
    * Play and pause video footage
    * Record video footage
    * Mute the speaker
    * Enter full-screen view
    * View live footage
    * Zoom and drag video footage
    * Control brightness
    * Access and change modes
    * View motion detection statuses
    * Manually record
    * Take snapshots
    * Favorite, share, download, and delete video footage
    * Use a camera's microphone
  • Guest access is removed after a case has been concluded. When we adjust the settings to add the person you've requested in this form, we will delete all other access except for team members. If there is someone you need to continue to have access, please describe the situation and which email address to retain.